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By: Jonathan Kidner


By Jonathan Kidner, Product Engineer at Alpha Heating Innovation

When installing a boiler or heating system for a customer, at what point do thoughts turn to heating controls (if at all), and what influences your recommendation? There are some factors to consider for making your (and our customer’s) life easier…

Installing a domestic heating system goes beyond simply fitting a boiler. Of course, the boiler is important – vital in fact - but it is useless to the customer without the means to not only control its operation, but also ensure optimised productivity and energy efficiency (leading to the universally welcomed reduction in energy bills).

To provide some context to the significance of a well thought out heating system, I refer to a study carried out by the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) between 2010 and 2015. It was discovered that domestic buildings account for about 30% of final UK energy consu

Injecting the ‘oomph’ back into training
By: Darran Smith

Injecting the ‘oomph’ back into training

By Darran Smith, Technical Manager at Alpha Heating Innovation
I often get asked what frustrates me most in my job as Technical Manager.  The short answer would be: a perceived lack of understanding of the importance of training.  The longer answer would begin by acknowledging that the reason people don’t attend training is, more often than not, simply down to the pressures of work and other time centric factors.  However, right now there is a need to begin to change current mind-sets by communicating the value of consistent, high quality training in the workplace.
Along with many other sectors these days, the heating industry is suffering from a noticeable skills shortage, and the lack of continual training is definitely a factor.  This is concerning, bearing in mind how quickly legislation, processes and technology change and advance in the industry,
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