High output system boilers

Designed for larger output requirements to provide heating only for sealed central heating and open systems.

SolarSmart 100

SolarSmart 100 is the latest version of our remarkable solar thermal system, specifically designed to work with our Intec combi boilers.

InTec C

With a host of premium features that benefit users and installers alike, the InTec C boilers are our flagship combis and come with a 5 year guarantee as standard.

CDR Range

The CDR range provides the flexible solution to the majority of traditional installation scenarios.


Fitting a GasSaver 'top box' to our boilers is a simple way of taking energy efficiency to a higher level.

FlowSmart original

The original FlowSmart system incorporates an InTec 34C boiler, a GasSaver flue gas heat recovery unit and a 50 litre thermal store.


High output modular condensing boiler range providing a flexible and efficient commercial heating solution.

Cyclone Plus

Cyclone Plus is a new accessory offering the benefits of Alpha’s magnetic cyclone, previously only available with the PremierPack Plus.

InTec X

No matter how tight the budget, you can enjoy the benefits of an Alpha high efficiency boiler with our InTec X range.

InTec S

With three outputs to choose from, InTec S models are ideal for any small to large home where a system boiler is the prferred option.

PremierPack Plus

Fitting an InTec boiler with PremierPack Plus automatically extends the standard guarantee by 2 years. Plus, now includes the new magnetic cyclone.

High output system boilers

Designed for larger output requirements to provide heating only for sealed central heating and open systems.

InTec GS

Two new InTec boilers with a built-in GasSaver unit represent what must surely be the ultimate combis.

Wall-hung FlowSmart

A combined wall-hung version of FlowSmart is now available whereby an optional cylinder can be added to the InTec 40GS boiler.


Our telescopic EasyFlue range and accessories makes flueing simple and provides a neat and stylish finish for any installation.

InTec 50CS

High output, floor standing, storage combination boiler that's perfect for high hot water demands, such as in larger homes.


We provide a selection of controls enabling users to programme their heating systems to suit their lifestyle and desired comfort level.

Eco combi

Offering exceptional value for money, the Eco combi ensures everyone can enjoy the benefits of a high efficiency Alpha boiler.

Plume Management

The optional Plume Management Kit overcomes the problems of nuisance pluming by giving a choice of where the plume can be directed.

InTec trace heating kit

Protect external condensate pipes against freezing with the Alpha InTec trace heating kit.

Weather compensation probe

The low cost Weather Compensation Probe helps to reduce gas consumption by enabling our InTec boilers to