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Our GasSaver Range

Having a GasSaver fitted to any of our high efficiency boilers is a simple way of taking energy efficiency to a higher level.

Positioned neatly above the boiler, this compact unit extracts heat from waste gases that are normally expelled into the atmosphere through the boiler flue. This is then used to pre-heat cold mains water before entering the boiler.

As the boiler is heating warmed water rather than cold, an average 35% less gas is used to produce hot water, reducing your energy bills and saving up to half a ton of carbon per year.

Maintenance-free and silent in operation, GasSaver operates without the need for any controls, settings or electricity.

Take energy efficiency to a higher level by fitting GasSaver to your Alpha boiler.

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Fitting a GasSaver 'top box' to our boilers is a simple way of taking energy efficiency to a higher level.

InTec GS

InTec GS

Two new InTec boilers with a built-in GasSaver unit represent what must surely be the ultimate combis.

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