14 October 2020

At Alpha Heating Innovation, we know how important it is to continue to invest in, and develop our product portfolio. Here, we take a closer look at our best-selling E-Tec and E-Tec Plus range, which both offer installers and homeowners alike a compelling option in cost effective, compact and reliable combi boilers.
The E-Tec
Launched in 2017, our original E-Tec (and Evoke) has demonstrated increasing popularity with installers. The key to the E-Tec’s success has been in its build quality, reliability and ease of installation, easily fitting in a standard kitchen cupboard and with front access to parts to enable quick and straightforward servicing.
Each model features a stainless-steel heat exchanger, with wide waterways, which together with the Grundfos pump and hydroblock assembly, ensures mains water is warmed up quickly for constant delivery of hot water. Other key compenents include a Honeywell gas valve and PCB, plus a combined condensate and PRV connection.
Available in two outputs, the E-Tec boiler can deliver up to 14.1 litres of water per minute making it the ideal choice for small to medium sized homes. All this and a 7-year warranty straight out the box.
In addition, the E-Tec models carry a Class 6 NOx rating and Opentherm compatibility, so can partner easily with the latest energy saving controls.
The E-Tec Plus
Launched a year later in 2018, the E-Tec Plus added another option for installers already confident in the E-Tec boiler. Built on the same platform, the E-Tec Plus features the same high quality componentry, as well as extra-long flue lengths of 12m horizontal and 14m vertical and the favoured combined condensate and PRV connection that can save an installer up to an hour’s installation time.
The E-Tec Plus is available in three outputs, the same 28 and 33 kW models as the standard E-Tec with an additional, high-output 38 kW model as well. We would recommend the 38 kW model, which is often found by our installers to be the ideal combi boiler for properties with high heating and hot water demands. It also offers a greater flow rate capacity of 15.9 litres of water per minute while retaining the same compact size.
For customers looking for even longer warranties, the E-Tec Plus has been particularly popular due to its standard ten year warranty, which can be increased to eleven years by adding the Alpha Cyclone Plus magnetic filter or thirteen years with the addition of the PremierPack Extra.