12 August 2020

At Alpha Heating Innovation, we know it’s important that installers are able to move with the times and react to the demands of modern homeowners. That’s why we’ve created Alpha Connect – a wireless thermostat that can be controlled from any phone or tablet device, allowing homeowners to manage their heating regardless of where they are.
The Alpha Connect is an innovative product, compatible with all our combination boiler models and can be controlled via the Alpha Connect app – available for any phone or tablet device via the iOS and Android app stores. In the past, many homeowners were put off from switching to a smart thermostat as they believed it would require a full boiler upgrade, but that is not the case. Now, thanks to Alpha Connect’s functionality, installers can upsell the product during any boiler repair or maintenance job, or alternatively, sell it in as an additional service to their existing customer base.
With Alpha Connect, homeowners can customise their heating system’s settings according to their preferences, creating routines for the system to follow throughout the day. Similarly, thanks to its geolocation fencing feature, Alpha Connect is able to alert homeowners once they are a certain distance from their home as a reminder to check if they’ve left the heating on and adjust their heating schedule if necessary.
Alpha Connect offers the premium feature of Optimum Start, a self-learning function which adjusts when the heating comes on, starting the boiler as possible whilst still reaching the user’s chosen comfort temperature. With better control of their systems, homeowners can ensure less energy is wasted and in turn, reduce their energy bills. What’s more, with its anti-frost function, Alpha Connect is able to prevent boilers suffering irreparable damage during the winter months, helping to elongate the lifecycle of the boilers it is fitted to.
However, for installers, arguably the best thing about Alpha Connect is that it is so easy to fit. We have put together an easy-to-follow installation guide, which is available here. Not only does it tell you everything you need to know about how to fit the system, but it also tells you how to set up the accompanying mobile phone application, as well as configuring the homeowner’s heating preferences. By familiarising yourself with the guide and the solution itself, not only are you able to open up a new revenue stream, but you can add to your professional service and reputation – going over and above what’s been asked, to help your customers reduce their energy bills and modernise their homes.