Frequently asked questions

We have taken the questions we're asked most frequently at our Call Centre and answered them here for quick and easy reference.

  • My central heating does not work and my boiler is brand new?

  • Is my central heating system covered by the boiler's guarantee?

  • How often should I have my boiler serviced?

  • What is a condensing boiler?

  • What is a high efficiency boiler?

  • What is a system boiler?

  • What is a traditional boiler?

  • What is a combination boiler?

  • Can I fill a system with softened water?

  • Why is system flushing important?

  • Does the system need an auto by-pass?

  • My system comes on during the night or in cold weather when not asked for?

  • Can 90-degree bends be used on vertical flue systems?

  • What is the maximum equivalent length of a boilers flue?

  • Where can I find out about grants for home heating?

  • What happens to my old boiler if I have a new one fitted?

  • How are high efficiency condensing boilers more efficient than standard efficiency boilers?

  • Are there restrictions as to where boilers can be sited?

  • I'm extending my home - will I need a new boiler for the new section of the house?

  • How much can I save by reducing my heating and water temperatures?

  • Do solar power systems work when the sun isn't shining?

  • If I change my old boiler for a new one, how much can I expect to save?

  • Does the boiler require compartment ventilation?

  • Do Alpha boilers have a pump overrun feature?

  • Do Alpha boilers have built-in frost protection?

  • What do I do when the 'A' and 'B' lights on the boiler are flashing alternately?

  • What do the lights mean on the front of the boiler?

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