You may have noticed lots of coverage in the media about new types of home heating appliances but there is no need to panic – gas fired boilers (or gas fired condensing boilers to give them their full description) are not being banned. However, with carbon reduction targets set for the future, new build housing projects will face stricter planning applications from 2025 onwards. This will likely mean that low carbon products such as heat pumps will be used instead of gas fired boilers on new build housing projects.

However, for now, when researching new boilers, most homeowners will still use the most commonly tried online search phrases such as ‘types of central heating boilers’, or ‘types of boiler systems uk’. And while many manufacturers are on a pathway to carbon reducing technologies, gas fired condensing boilers are still the most popular heating solution. So while there is no immediate impact on the use of gas fired boilers in the short term, change will come eventually. To this end, the heating industry has been continually improving existing boiler technologies and pioneering new ones which will gradually transform the range of options available to homeowners.