Whether you are one of the 15% of homeowners whose property is not connected to the mains gas network, or your property has undergone energy efficiency improvements or your new build has been specifically designed for off-grid living, there are a number of viable options for off-grid heating. However, it is important to assess the pros and cons of each as some alternative heating methods will be more suitable than others depending on your heating and hot water demands, budget and your property’s energy and thermal efficiency.

For many off-grid homeowners the most popular heat source alternatives to natural gas are oil, electricity and solid fuel. Where these systems are inherited with a property they are usually replaced like-for-like when the original comes to the end of its lifecycle. However, when an existing boiler breaks you can now take advantage of changing to a more efficient technology and, one that is fast becoming one of the most popular environmentally friendly fuel choices, is LPG (liquefied petroleum gas).

Indeed, the benefits an LPG-fired boiler (whether in combi, system or conventional form) often outstrip those fired by other fuels, especially for rural properties where most off-grid homes are found. Offering the convenience of mains gas, with the added advantage of versatility, LPG is not only a great option for heating and hot water, but also for cooking, gas fires and even tumble-dryers.

This is also a great eco option as LPG is the greenest fossil fuel available to off-grid homes, emitting around 20 per cent less CO2 per kWh than oil. Furthermore, LPG storage options range from discreet underground tanks through to compact storage solutions.

Installation is also simpler than many homeowners may think as LPG combi and system boilers feature technology that is almost identical to their mains gas counterparts. And, as an added bonus, LPG combi boilers and LPG system boilers are often more compact than oil boilers.

LPG combi boilers or LPG system boilers can be a more economic option too as they cost substantially less than oil-fired boilers. And, aside from savings on the initial outlay, homeowners can also enjoy increased efficiency, with Alpha offering A-rated models across the range of LPG-compatible boilers. From the E-Tec and Evoke ranges of LPG combi boilers and LPG system boilers (as well as conventional models) through to the commercial range of Ares Tec, Ares Pro and ProTec LPG-compatible boilers, Alpha cater for all variety of output requirements and deliver innovation and choice for all situations.


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