20 May 2020

As of today, it is difficult to say for certain exactly what this year’s summer will look like. Depending on how the UK fares on its emergence from the current lockdown, it is possible that we could all be spending a lot more of our year indoors than planned. While unexpected, the situation can be seen as a good opportunity to complete any outstanding renovations or extensions to your home, materials allowing and with the right safe distancing measures in place for any trade professionals. However, to get the most from a home improvement or extension, it is also important to consider upgrading your boiler at the same time.
It stands to reason, but a bigger home will require more energy and a more powerful heating system to heat. As such, if you’re planning to extend your home, it is essential to ensure your current boiler is up to the task of heating the larger space. If it’s not, then it’s important to plan for a boiler upgrade, alongside the extension to avoid being left with a heating system that is not up to the task.
Working out whether your planned extension will require a boiler upgrade can be tricky. However, as a general rule of thumb, a boiler upgrade is likely needed should you be adding an additional bathroom or bedroom. On smaller renovation projects, such as conservatories, some homeowners will instead look to re-locate a boiler to a more suitable position within the home. In general, boilers aren’t always installed in the most convenient places, so this can be beneficial in order to generate a faster response to hot water demand in certain rooms. However, doing so requires the assistance of a professional and can be costly.
Furthermore, if you are going to the trouble and expense of moving your existing boiler, it is often more sensible to take the opportunity to replace it with a more efficient and powerful model with a new long warranty.
A heating and plumbing engineer will be able to help you select an appropriately sized boiler by analysing the age of your extended property alongside the hot water demand and accurate heat loss.
Modern boiler systems are far more efficient than older systems, so a new system can also make a big difference with regards to helping reduce your energy bills. As a result, choosing to install a new boiler is often the most cost-effective solution over the long-term, even if initial outlay costs of purchase and installation are higher. At Alpha Heating Innovation, we offer a wide range of domestic boilers, perfect for any sized family home. Backed by an industry-leading warranty of up to 13 years* our boilers are helping homeowners to ensure their dream renovations live up to expectations.
There’s never been a better time to make the switch. Nowadays, homeowners are able to increase the functionality and performance of their boiler with a number of innovative accessories. At Alpha, we supply a large selection of these products, for example our Alpha Connect smart thermostat, which allows homeowners to programme a heating system to suit a specific lifestyle or desired comfort level the Alpha Connect app. Similarly, investing in on our Cyclone Plus Filter or innovative PremierPack wall-mounting jig will provide your Alpha boiler with even more protection from water impurities and add additional years onto the boiler’s warranty and lifespan.
*Dependent on model.