An air-to-water heat pump system operates at lower temperatures than a traditional gas boiler – 35oC to 55oC rather than 70oC to 80oC. But your system will be designed and installed to work effectively and efficiently with those lower temperatures.
The best approach is to use the timer and temperature controls that come with your heat pump system, just as you would with a gas boiler. This will ensure that your home is comfortably warm and energy efficient.
Unlike a gas boiler a heat pump will take longer to heat house from cold and use more energy making a sharp climb in temperature. So, low-temperature heating is better suited to work continuously, with a designed ‘set back’ temperature for times when the home is unoccupied or at night-time. A recommended set back is 2°C to 3°C.
For example, a temperature during the daytime of 21°C will keep the house and its occupants warm, then overnight or while the house is empty, this can be reduced to a temperature of 18°C to 19°C. It is an energy efficient approach that keeps the home comfortable.