To ensure maximum efficiency, the capacity of your current boiler should have been carefully matched to the amount of floor space and number of bathrooms in your property at the time of installation.
Whether or not you need a new boiler for an extension will depend on the extent of your renovations. If you are, for example, simply adding one radiator for a new conservatory it is unlikely that you will need to need to replace your boiler. However, if you are extending your home quite significantly and, say, adding a bathroom, it is best practice consult a Gas Safe registered engineer to assess whether your existing boiler is correctly sized, and to discuss with you if any upgrades to the boiler, or gas and water supplies are required.
We suggest contacting a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer to find out if a new boiler is needed and to discuss your options. They can recommend the size and type of boiler that would meet your extra heating and hot water demands and deliver an energy-efficient and environment-friendly solution. They can also assess whether it would be beneficial to relocate your boiler to improve the efficiency of your heating system – although be sure to bear in mind the extra cost for works such as extending and re-routing the pipework, adding a new flue and carrying out redecoration in affected areas.