• 7 year warranty
  • Optional external pump wiring
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Compact dimensions
  • New backlit display
  • All models can be lifted by one person
  • Easy access dry-change NTCs


E-Tec Regular heating-only boilers are for use on open-vented or – using the Alpha sealed system kit – sealed systems. When fitted with a storage cylinder, they are capable of supplying plenty of hot water.


Compact dimensions of 600 x 390 x 305mm enable the E-Tec regular boiler to be easily sited. With the E-Tec 25R being the heaviest at just 27kg, all three models in the range are a simple one-man lift.

An E-Tec regular boiler is the ideal choice if replacing an old cast iron boiler.


PRODUCT RANGE BROCHURE (5.21 MB) Installation and Servicing Instructions (5.17 MB)