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Alpha Climatic
The Alpha Climatic modulating remote control has been specifically designed to work with our new InTec range of boilers to maximise boiler and system efficiency. It is a multi-channel time and temperature programmer with integrated thermostat and BUS system to transfer data between the boiler and controller.
Within SAP, Alpha Climatic is classed as an Enhanced Load Compensator capable of measuring and maintaining the temperature inside the building by modulating and limiting the boiler flow temperature depending on the measured room temperature.
Available in wired and wireless versions.
Digital EasyStat
The Alpha Digital EasyStat provides wireless time and temperature control with 7 day programming and settings in one hour increments. The compact and simplistic button design ensures easy set-up and operation for all users.
Mechanical EasyStat
The Alpha 24-hour Mechanical EasyStat is a time and temperature controller that can provide maximum and minimum room temperature control.

From a simple plug-in mechanical clock to versatile remote timers, we provide a selection of controls for our high efficiency boilers, enabling users to program their heating systems to suit their lifestyle and desired comfort level.


  • Easy to install
  • No hard wiring or electrician needed
  • Programmable daily timings and temperature
  • Full system control
  • Can be retro-fitted

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Product Specification

Compatibility Table

  E-Tec Evoke InTec2 XE InTec2 CE InTec C InTec GS Eco2 Plus InTec2 SE CDR
Alpha Climatic RF Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  Yes*  
Alpha Climatic hard wired Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  Yes*  
Comfort 2CH RF               Yes Yes
Alpha Digital EasyStat  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes    
24hr Mechanical EasyStat Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes    
7-day 2CH Digital Clock               Yes Yes
24hr Mechanical Clock Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes    

*Alpha diverter valve kit must be used.

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