Plume Management

Plume Management

The Plume Management Kit overcomes problems of nuisance pluming, giving a choice of where plume can be directed.


  • Easy to install
  • Multi-directional terminal
  • Push-fit connections
  • Reduces nuisance pluming
  • Total siting flexibility
  • Wall brackets included

Detailed Information

With the ability to direct plume at an angle of 45º upwards or to the left or right, or to divert plume even further away from the terminal position,there is complete siting flexibility.

The standard kit and accessories are available in black and comprise of: 2 x 90° elbows, 1000mm extension pipe, wall bracket and wall collar.

The Plume Management Kit and accessories are available for use in conjunction with the CD EasyFlue to divert plume away from neighbouring properties, openings or anywhere else it has the potential to cause nuisance.

Products in this Range

Weather compensation probe

The perfect pair

Always choose an Alpha Climatic digital time and temperature programmer to go with the Weather Compensation Probe. Designed specifically to operate with our E-Tec boilers, this pairing ensures precise monitoring of inside and outside temperature, maximising system efficiency and home comfort.

Pipe Crossover Kit

Modifies the location of the gas inlet and the primary heating return.


Alpha's high efficiency boilers have their own telescopic CD EasyFlue with both sections brilliant white and the flue terminal factory fitted.

The Alpha CD EasyFlue is for simple horizontal flues and is available in two lengths; 500mm and 1000mm. The telescopic inner and outer ducts slide together to make the correct length so there is no measuring, no cutting and no making good as two sealing collars are provided.

The telescopic CD EasyFlue can save up to an hour's installation time and gives a really stylish finish. Extension kits are available to allow a horizontal flue length of 12m and a vertical flue length of 15m.

E-Tec trace heating kit

Protect external condensate pipes against freezing with the Alpha E-Tec trace heating kit.

Cyclone Plus

Cyclone Plus is a boiler mounted magnetic cyclone filter that removes debris from the heating system, using both magnetic and centrifugal force, reducing the risk of damage to the boiler.

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