InTec2 CE

Product Information

NEW model ErP compliant boiler with advanced combustion management for superior energy efficiency. 


Detailed Information

With advanced combustion management, the InTec2 CE boilers continually control and adjust the gas flow to deliver improved energy efficiency.

While smaller and lighter than previous models, customers will benefit from the exceptional reliability that has become synonymous with the InTec name.


  • 7 year warranty
  • Advanced combustion management
  • One-piece casting heat exchanger
  • Quicker warm-up and improved circulation
  • Gas adaptive valve
  • Single electrode
  • Compact size and layout
  • PCB memory chip
  • High efficiency Grundfos pump and hydroblock assembly
  • Combined condensate and PRV connection
  • Dry change NTCs
  • Clip-on DHW temperature sensor
  • Backlit LCD
  • Frost protection and daily pump kick
  • Electronic seasonality valve
  • Pipework cover tray

They come with an LCD control panel that provides detailed heating and hot water information, making them easy to operate, service and maintain.

InTec2 CE boilers come in a choice of three fully-modulating outputs of 26, 30 or 35kW.


Boiler Issues?

Having problems with your boiler? We have an online tool to help you find out what the flashing lights on your boiler are trying to tell you!

Product Specification

Model 26CE 30CE 35CE
Lift weight (kg) 33.4 33.4 33.4
DHW output (kW) 26.0 28.0 34.0
CH output (kW) 21.3 25.5 29.8
Min flow rate l/min 10.7 11.7 14.4
Max flow rate l/min n/a n/a n/a
Dimensions (mm) 712x440x276 712x440x276 712x440x276
GasSaver compatible GasSaver compatible GasSaver compatible GasSaver compatible
SolarSmart compatible SolarSmart compatible SolarSmart compatible SolarSmart compatible
Standard guarantee 7 yr 7 yr 7 yr
Guarantee with PP 9 yr 9 yr 9 yr

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