ProTec Plus system boilers

ProTec Plus system boilers

The high output ProTec Plus range has been designed with siting flexibility in mind. All the boilers are compatible with our open or concentric push-fit flue systems. They are factory-fitted with a 'B23' type flue configuration, which can be changed to 'C' type by fitting the concentric flue adaptor.


Features of the ProTec Plus system boilers
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger
  • 2m flying mains lead
  • Built-in plume management
  • Easy access for servicing
  • Suitable for single unit or cascade installations
  • Open or concentric push-fit flue systems
  • Built-in commissioning and fault finding
  • Designed for siting flexibility

Detailed Information

While these boilers are supplied with type 'B23' flue configuration (open chamber and forced draught), in order to allow flexible siting, the configuration can be changed to type 'C' (room sealed) with the use of a special flue adaptor kit.

The boilers can be supplied for use with Natural or Propane Gas (LPG) and are capable of being installed as a single unit or in simple modular formations for even bigger outputs.

B23 flue system (80mm CD single pipe flue)

80mm CD horizontal terminal flue kit
80mm CD vertical terminal flue kit
80mm CD 1m flue extension
80mm CD flue bend 90
80mm CD flue bend 45
80mm flue support brackets (pack 5)
80mm flue sealing plates

Concentric flue system (80mm CD concentric flue)

80/125mm CD concentric horizontal terminal flue kit + adaptor
80/125mm CD concentric vertical terminal flue kit + adaptor
125mm flue sealing collar (white)
80/125mm CD concentric 1m flue extension
80/125mm CD concentric flue bend 90
80/125mm CD concentric flue bend 45
125mm flue support brackets (pack 5)
125mm flue sealing collar (black)


  • ProTec Plus Light Commercial Boilers (8.99mb)
  • ERP Data (0.11mb)
  • ProTec Plus Installation Instructions (4.81mb)
  • To download any of the CAD files below, please select the ones you require and click "Download"...

Product Specification

  Alpha Protec Alpha Protec Alpha Protec Alpha Protec
Model ProTec Plus 50 ProTec Plus 70 ProTec Plus 90 ProTec Plus 115
CH output (kW) 54.8 74.5 98.8 121.7
Dimensions (mm) 843x442x457 1038x600x502 1038x600x632 1038x600x632
Lift weight (kg) 51 81 96 103
Standard guarantee 5 yr 5 yr 5 yr 5 yr

Products in this Range


High output modular condensing boiler range providing a flexible and efficient commercial heating solution.


Featuring high performance components including a stainless steel heat exchanger, ARES Pro boilers offer many advantages to specifiers and building occupiers alike. Delivering superior and reliable functionality this powerful workhorse is designed to aid quick installation and ensure long term performance and cost efficiency.

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