SolarSmart 100

Product Information

SolarSmart versus conventional solar systems

Conventional solar thermal systems work with a traditional boiler to maintain a stored supply of hot water. Regardless of demand, the boiler fires-up to replenish the stored water as soon as its volume or temperature deteriorates.

With SolarSmart, the stored volume of hot water is heated only by the collected solar energy, so no gas is used in maintaining the cylinder temperature.

Should the solar heated water be exhausted, however, the combination boiler fires-up long enough to help satisfy any immediate demand for hot water.


Detailed Information

SolarSmart 100 is the latest version of our remarkable solar thermal system and has been specifically designed to work with our InTec range of boilers.


  • Space saving 100 litre cylinder
  • Easy plug-in controls
  • Fully WRAS approved system
  • 10 year guarantee on collector and cylinder
  • Choice of 'in-roof', 'on-roof' and 'flat roof' fixing kits
  • Can be retrofitted to any Alpha high efficiency boiler with Solar Valve

3 easy steps to free renewable energy

SolarSmart is a solar thermal DHW heating system for use with an Alpha combination boiler. The complete system solution comes in 3 parts (A, B and C). You will need to choose from options in sections B and C depending on the application.

A. Water Storage

  • SolarSmart 100 Kit - consisting of a 100 litre unvented cylinder and drainback unit

B. Flat panel Collector

  • SolarSmart collector portrait
  • SolarSmart collector landscape

C. Fixing Options

  • SolarSmart in-roof flashing kit single - portrait
  • SolarSmart in-roof flashing kit twin - portrait
  • SolarSmart in-roof flashing kit single - landscape
  • SolarSmart on-tile fixing kit single panel collector
  • SolarSmart on-tile fixing kit twin panel collectors
  • SolarSmart on-slate fixing kit single panel collector
  • SolarSmart on-slate fixing kit twin panel collectors
  • SolarSmart flat roof fixing kit - landscape only
  • SolarSmart connection kit - second collector
  • SolarSmart immersion kit
  • SolarSmart solar valve - Patented solar valve to enable SolarSmart 100 to be retrofitted to Alpha's older range of boilers

Boiler Issues?

Having problems with your boiler? We have an online tool to help you find out what the flashing lights on your boiler are trying to tell you!

Product Specification

Flat panel collector

The flat panel solar collector is available in landscape and portrait options. By using the flashing kit, either can be fixed into the roof so it is flush with the tiles. There is also the option to fix the panel 'on-roof' or, with a special A-frame, it can be used on flat roofs.

Features overview

  • 10 year guarantee
  • Powder coated outer frame
  • Robust aluminium coating
  • Toughened transparent glass cover
  • Blue heat absorbing coating
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Available in landscape and portrait format
  • Choice of 'in-roof', 'on-roof' and 'flat roof' fixing kits
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