6 April 2017 BY: ROB MORRIS

By Rob Morris, Regional Service Engineer at Alpha Heating Innovation

It’s important to treat your heating system as you would other utilities, such as a car. Boilers also need an annual service to identify potential issues, maintain warranties, and keep the system running efficiently and safely.

As part of a service, the engineer will check for faults, inspect all areas of the boiler and replace parts as necessary, meaning you can have peace of mind that the boiler is operating correctly and efficiently. Most importantly the engineer will carry out a combustion analysis to check the boiler is operating safely, helping to avoid any concerns with carbon monoxide gas.

As well as extending its life, regular maintenance, helps avoid unexpected boiler breakdowns and can help reduce overall energy savings – so it’s good news all round!

Flushing the heating system to reduce sludge can also prove beneficial to your heating system. When a heating system isn’t well maintained boilers may become noisy, take longer to heat up and cause certain rooms in the building to feel colder than others. This then forces the boiler to work harder, creating larger energy bills than is necessary.

It’s clear to see that regular servicing is only good news – a cleaner, well-maintained boiler doesn’t just save you money on energy bills but is potentially life saving, too.