29 March 2021 BY: NIGEL CLARKE

In the rush to respond to post-lockdown work requests, heating engineers mustn’t forget the importance of specifying systems that deliver strong performance in an environmentally friendly way. At Alpha, we have a number of systems in our commercial boiler range that benefit from low NOx technologies and represent the ideal solution for commercial applications.

Whether it’s limiting the number of cars on the road, or improving performance at production facilities, we are all looking for ways to reduce our emissions and make the world a more environmentally friendly place. As an installer, you will know that this effort also extends into the commercial and domestic boiler market. Leading suppliers are now able to produce high-output solutions that use less energy and emit less pollution. In particular, low NOx boilers are particularly sought after. These solutions rely on modern, advanced low NOx combustion technologies to function.

We are proud to offer a number of leading low NOx boiler solutions across our own commercial boiler range. Consisting of the Ares Pro, Ares Tec and Protec Plus, the range offers many advantages to specifiers and building occupiers. Each product is backed by advanced technologies that help to reduce its nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions. In doing so, they also enable efficiency performance improvements across other internal heat transfers. As such, overall thermal efficiency performance is improved, which can help to reduce operational costs.

For example, our ProTec Plus system boiler features a stainless steel heat exchanger, which allows for optimised heat transfer within the boilers heat exchanger. The boiler benefits from low NOx emissions of <36 mg/kWh and is rated as NOx Class 6. As well as providing efficient performance, the solution is suitable for single unit or cascade installations and has been specially engineered to improve siting flexibility. What’s more, these units feature advanced fault finding diagnostics with easy to use Honeywell electronics, which helps aid engineers to ensure the boilers long-term performance and provides easy access for any servicing requirements. As always, the unit is also backed by Alpha’s comprehensive five-year warranty.

Our range of ARES Tec boilers are also rated NOx Class 6 and deliver low NOx emissions of <30 mg/kWh via a self-contained, modular solution. Designed with efficiency in mind, each heat generating module within the system has its own down-firing pre-mix gas burner, fan, ignition and safety controls. Therefore, as system loads reduce, the individual modules switch off as necessary down to a minimum output of a single module. As well as ensuring optimum load matching and minimising wasteful boiler cycling, this approach also helps to maximise energy efficiency. When combined with its low NOx emissions, the system provides a reliable heating solution for a wide range of projects.

This high standard also applies to our NOx Class 6 rated ARES Pro boilers. The systems feature a number of high performance components, including a stainless steel heat exchanger. Inside the boiler, the ARES Pro system benefits from a low NOx metallic multi-fibre cylindrical burner. This technology enables excellent ignition quality, which is further bolstered by the inclusion of double ignition electrodes to ensure better and safer operations. The robust solution is also engineered to aid quick installation and to ensure long term performance and cost efficiency. What’s more, like the rest of our commercial boiler range, the solution is available in a number of different models and outputs.

By reducing the level of NOx formed in the heating process, low- NOx heating systems offer a more efficient, environmentally friendly and advanced option for commercial boiler installers. With so much emphasis currently placed on the importance of promoting greener technologies, such systems are likely to continue growing in popularity. As ever, with the backing of Alpha Heating Innovation, those in the trade can feel confident that the solutions they invest in will deliver optimum quality and performance.

For more information on our commercial heating range, please take a look at our commercial boiler range.