Over the last few years we have increased the warranty length offered for our boilers in line with both market expectations and to reflect the confidence we have in our products. Our E-Tec range boilers come with a minimum 7 years’ warranty out the box, or 10 years for the E-Tec Plus.This indicates the dependability of these products, which have proven to be incredibly reliable since launch.

From the birth of the E-Tec, its reliability has always stemmed from its quality components, which include a stainless-steel heat exchanger and a zinc-plated expansion vessel to provide a high level of corrosion resistance.

Alpha also invests in selecting the highest quality components from well-known industry names such as Grundfos and Honeywell. Within the E-Tec and E-Tec Plus, installers will find a high-efficiency Grundfos pump and Honeywell gas valve.

As part of Immergas Group, one of Europe’s leading heating appliance manufacturers, Alpha also benefits from the most advanced production facilities, research and development backing in the world. Combining products from brands people trust alongside Alpha’s own innovative designs and manufacturing gives customers confidence in the quality of the E-Tec range.

Furthermore, to ensure the performance of its products each new design undergoes a rigorous testing process for operation and efficiency prior to launch. These include various endurance tests replicating installation scenarios and extreme weather conditions to ensure that a product will last and perform as expected. Since the launch of E-Tec and E-Tec Plus, we have performed further testing to confirm the level of reliability that was witnessed in both products. The product performance during this testing led to the warranty being extended.

As well as combining stringent performance testing with quality, industry recognised branded components, ease of installation has always been a focus for the design of the E-Tec range. The E-Tec is Alpha’s most compact combi, easily installed in a standard kitchen cupboard with front access to all components for straightforward servicing.

With the addition of a PremierPack Pro (for the E-Tec) or PremierPack Extra (for the E-Tec Plus), our warranties can be extended again by up to three years or an additional one year with an Alpha Cyclone Filter.

Alpha boilers have always been very competitively priced and with the E-Tec range outperforming other brands at similar price points, you can be sure that you will get everything you would expect from a great combi. But don’t just take our word for it. Independent boiler reviews are acknowledging the quality and impressive warranties offered by Alpha. Click here to see what’s being said.