17 September 2018 BY: CATHERINE LAWRENCE

This week is Gas Safety Week, and we will be supporting the event as it enters its eighth year! The annual event aims to highlight the issues surrounding gas safety and promote best practice.

We are a committed supporter of Gas Safety Week, promoting a united and focussed message at this time of year regarding the importance of Gas Safety and working with certified installers. While Gas Safety Week is imperative to spreading the message about best practice, it is crucial to recognise that gas safety is not just high on the agenda for one week alone, but should be acknowledged all year round.

At Alpha, we aim to spread the message of gas safety throughout the year in order to protect building occupants from the harm caused by unsafe gas appliances, such as carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, gas leaks, fires and explosions.

For example, at Alpha we have a dedicated AlphaOne portal which allows installers to track their installs. The portal, which can be used online or through the app, lets installers register their appliance with Alpha and also with the Gas Safe Register. By doing this, Alpha handles the registration fee – so the installer does not have to.

In addition, we consistently remind installers of best practice when it comes to servicing gas boilers, such as:

  • Showing their Gas Safe ID Card upon arrival at a customer’s property.
  • Check the flue, gas supply and ventilation are all correct and that the appliance(s) are operating safely.
  • Carrying out a basic check of the whole heating system (including controls, hot water cylinder, carbon monoxide detector etc.)
  • Check the chemical water treatment levels in the system and top this up if required.
  • Discuss the service and the additional check of the whole heating system with the customer once work is finished.
  • Remind customers of the importance of getting the boiler serviced annually, to ensure it is operating safely and efficiently every year.

To ensure installers are able to safely install and service our products as well as provide full support to customers, we also offer free, regular training courses. Promoting best practice for installation and maintenance, while also helping installers to understand any industry changes, the sessions provide installers with hands on training for all boilers.

Whilst Gas Safety Week is of course an important time for the industry, Gas Safety should be a priority all year round.