2 October 2017 BY: KARL WALKER

Nothing creeps up on us quite like winter. It has been reported that one in five boilers will break down throughout the cold months of the year, with an average repair cost of £270. So, how can your customers have a cosy and contented season and avoid that cold shower on a freezing December morning?

Firstly, remind your customers to test their boilers in the autumn, ahead of time. While the weather is still mild, they should turn it on briefly and test their radiators, just to check the system is still working effectively. If they leave it too late, it may prove difficult to get a prompt repair before you get booked up in the chillier months. What’s more, you should recommend that they should switch on their heater for a few minutes in June, July and August. This will not only help reduce the risk of having a problem in the winter rush, but will also increase the system’s efficiency, ensuring all parts inside are working to the expected standard.

Two other great ways your customers can maintain their heating system is by having the system power flushed as well as using pipe insulation. Over time, debris can build up, which can cause radiator cold spots or long-lasting damage to the boiler. A power flush is easy and effective, and will not only extend the life of the boiler, but an intense clean can reduce high-energy costs. Installing pipe insulation is an additional useful tip. Water freezes and swells, thus when the temperature drops low enough, this can cause your pipes to burst and break. Pipe insulation reduces heat loss, which allows less chance of an overall systematic disaster and high expense.

It seems simple, but reminding your customers to get their boiler serviced regularly is also of equal importance. An annual service is highly recommended, ideally before the winter months begin. This check up could lead to resolving any issues associated with the core safety of your customer’s boiler, or more specifically, the timer or thermostat. It is better to deal with problems surrounding the timer as soon as possible, as this can increase the difficulty of heating your home.

Consequently, as the frosty windows and the dark evenings begin to appear before we realise, we hope that these tips are useful for your customers and prevent any ill-timed breakdowns. During the chilly winter period, there is nothing more important than making your home warm, comfortable and welcoming.