1 June 2017 BY: CALOR

The experts at Calor explain how encouraging the switch from oil to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) can not only benefit homeowners, but help rural installers cash in too.

Currently, around four million homes in the UK do not have access to mains gas, and so rely on alternatives such as oil, electricity and solid fuel for heating and hot water. These systems are often inherited with a property and are usually replaced like-for-like when the original comes to the end of its lifecycle.

However, when an existing boiler breaks down in one of these ‘off-grid’ homes, installers are presented with a unique and lucrative opportunity to offer a cleaner, more environmentally friendly option to their customers – LPG.

The Popular Choice

LPG is fast becoming one of the most popular fuel choices for rural properties, with the benefits for both homeowners and installers often outstripping those of other fuels.

Offering all of the convenience of mains gas, with the added advantage of versatility, LPG is not only a great option for heating and hot water, but also for cooking, gas fires and even tumble-dryers.

This is also a great option if customers are concerned about their environmental impact. LPG is the greenest fossil fuel available to off-grid homes, emitting around 20 per cent less CO2 per kWh than oil.

Storage Options

Storage often plays a major role in the purchasing decision for customers. Opting for LPG gives homeowners a broad range of options suitable for a variety of different properties, from discreet underground tanks through to compact storage solutions like the Calor Compact, which subtly houses up to four gas canisters.

Not only will Calor install the chosen LPG storage system, meaning that installers only need to complete internal work, but the various systems available also include auto top-up technology to inform the supplier when gas levels are running low. This automatically orders a re-fill, giving peace of mind to the customer and eliminates the need for monitoring gas levels.

The Clever Boiler Option

While replacing one oil-fired boiler for another is seemingly the easier option for installers, LPG boilers feature technology that is almost identical to mains gas combi boilers. This means installers new to working with LPG should find them familiar to install, and they are also more compact than oil boilers.

LPG boilers can be the more cost-effective option for customers too, with an LPG boiler costing an average of £900 less than an oil boiler. Aside from savings on the initial outlay, customers can also enjoy increased efficiency, with Alpha offering A-rated options like the InTec2 20SE and 30SE

Installer Incentives

With the installation of an LPG boiler, installers can benefit from a number of incentive schemes. Not only can installers collect Alpha One points when they install an Alpha boiler, which can be spent on further Alpha products, but they can also earn up to £250 in cash when they register their customer lead with Calor as part of the Calor Installer Incentive Scheme.

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About Calor Gas

Calor is the UK’s leading supplier of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), bringing clean, efficient and modern energy to rural Britain. The company provides gas to some of the two million homes and 350,000 commercial premises located off the mains gas grid, distributed via the UK’s largest LPG delivery fleet.

Calor has continued to invest in its offering to ensure it provides the best service for its customers, including supply of LPG to homes and businesses and a wide range of products and appliances from boiler installations to portable heaters.

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