By Darran Smith, Technical Manager at Alpha Heating Innovation

When a boiler comes to the end of its life, a lot of homeowners will ask their installers to simply replace it like-for-like. However, there could be other options to consider if you are keen to reduce your energy bills.

Typically, combination boilers (combis) are considered the best choice for home with average hot water demands. Unlike old systems using a hot water tank, often stored in the loft, combis only provide hot water when you need it rather than storing water permanently. This means there is less energy wasted heating water that may not be used, resulting in a healthier bank balance! Combi boilers also have a smaller footprint, so it’s a great option if you are looking to save some space.

Before you settle on a new boiler, consider the infrastructure of the house. Has it had extensions or more bathrooms added since the previous boiler was installed? If so, the output requirements will be larger and a conventional boiler with a hot water cylinder might be better suited to the new set up of the building. Although these are slightly less efficient, it’s the go-to choice for properties needing large volumes of hot water to multiple outlets at the same time.

Alternatively, Alpha’s FlowSmart offers a best-of-both worlds scenario – where larger households get to enjoy the energy saving qualities of a combi and the performance of a conventional boiler. The FlowSmart uses approximately 25% less gas than a system boiler with a cylinder, but more than matches the hot water performance.

With heating accounting for approximately 60 per cent of what we spend in a year on energy bills, selecting the right boiler can have a significant impact. So if you are in the market for a new boiler, remember to have a thorough survey conducted beforehand to ensures the right model is selected for the output requirements of the property.