E-Tec Plus range delights Good Homes magazine

31 March 2021

Alpha Heating Innovation is pleased to announce that our E-Tec Plus combi boiler range has been ‘Good Homes’ approved following a five-star review in the leading home-improvement publication.

The certification, which represents the highest on offer through the magazine, is testament to the high-performing, reliable nature of our boilers and reaffirms previous endorsements, including a 94 per cent approval rating on TrustPilot.

The team at Good Homes Magazine rated the E-Tec Plus across a number of important areas to assess its suitability for domestic applications. The review team was immediately impressed by the compact size of the unit and that it can be fitted easily within a standard kitchen cupboard. This allows design-conscious homeowners to hide their boiler from view especially if space is at a premium.

Good Homes Magazine’s team was also impressed with the technical aspects of the Alpha E-Tec Plus range. The innovative boiler delivers a number of powerful features straight out of the box. In its review, Good Homes gave specific mention to the stainless steel heat exchanger which, thanks to its design, is able to provide high corrosion resistance. As a result, Alpha is able to offer a ten-year warranty with its E-Tec Plus combis as standard.

As well as providing long-term, powerful performance that homeowners and tradespeople can rely on, the E-Tec Plus range has been developed with easy installation and servicing in mind. This includes front access to parts, an integrated filling loop, as well as a combined condensate and pressure relief valve connection, which help to further simplify any servicing requirements later down the line.

Speaking on the E-Tec Plus range, the Good Homes team commented: “We were looking to upgrade our old boiler to a new combi boiler that could heat water directly from the mains for showers and baths, as well as for running our central heating system. The Alpha boiler is the perfect size, fitting in a standard kitchen cupboard.

“What’s more, it was easy to find a local tradesman on the Alpha website, with the peace of mind that all the installers listed had fitted the company’s boilers within the last six months.”

The team at Good Homes Magazine was also very complimentary about the Alpha Connect Wi-Fi enabled programmable thermostat, which can be linked easily to any of our combi boilers to control heating performance, via an app on a smart phone or tablet.

All in all, the highly positive review encapsulates some of the unique qualities that set Alpha’s boilers apart, for both homeowners and installers.

To read the review, please visit the Good Homes website.