25 July 2012

Alpha Heating Innovation has partnered with Blades Low Carbon Systems to deliver a commercial heating and hot water package that delivers 97% efficiency for non-domestic buildings.

The prefabricated system combines Alpha’s high-efficiency boilers with flue gas recovery units to reclaim energy from the expelled flue gases. Each boiler has a built in control system allowing them to operate as part of a modular system or individually, depending on the specific application.

The modular nature of the heating servers provides efficient and fault tolerant operation, whilst heating circuit options take advantage of the heat recovery technology. This eliminates the uneven heat delivery throughout a building, providing a much improved comfort level for occupants.

The recovered energy from the flue gases can be used in various ways, either for heating or for hot water applications, allowing the system to be configured for maximum client benefit. This also makes it ideal for use in schools, colleges, leisure centres, and a range of public and private buildings.

Steve Hopkins, Product Marketing Manager at Alpha said: “At Alpha we have been developing our commercial product offering and the use of our high efficiency boilers within the Blades system demonstrates just how versatile our boilers are, particularly in a non-domestic environment. We are looking forward to continuing to work with Blades to further develop our presence in the commercial market.”

Adrian Acaster, of Blades LCS, added: “We are delighted to be able to offer Alpha’s boilers to our customers within our modular systems. The technology and support Alpha offers means that we can provide our clients peace of mind when it comes to efficiency and reliability.”