Alpha Customer Gives Promotional Prizes to Local Children

19 August 2011

Alan Carl of Bolton Plumbing and Heating Services, contacted local police following the purchase of two Alpha CDC boilers, which allowed him to claim a free Apollo mountain bike. Instead of making the obvious choice of picking one for himself, he had a much more charitable idea in mind. He decided to offer any bikes that he would be entitled to during the promotional period to local children who had had their bikes stolen.

Alan says, “I ride motorbikes and have no real need for a mountain bike so giving it away to a good cause seemed like the obvious choice. I fit a lot of Alpha boilers so the chances are there will be a fair few bikes given away.”

Alan has also invested in the new InTec boilers. Following a training course run by Newave and Alpha, he went on to fit an InTec 24X just a couple of weeks later. “The knowledge you gain from the course is completely different to any other training course. Learning what the InTec range is capable of meant that installation was easy – even on a conversion job like the one I’ve just completed.

“With changes to pipework and removing the tank to fit a combi means there’s a lot to do, but on this job when it came to actually fitting the new boiler it was very easy. Even during commissioning, I had to call the trainer because I was sure it couldn’t be that easy.

“I used to fit other brands but where they have changed many of the components they have not maintained the substantial build quality that Alpha has continued to do. Plus, the PremierPack that Alpha offers adds even more ease to installation mainly because the pipes are all straight. Other manufacturers have their pipes at a 45 degree angle, which makes it much more time-consuming to install.”

And it’s not just the intelligence and ease of installation that Alan has been impressed by; he claims the after sales support is second to none. “If I need a part, I can get it ASAP, I’ve never come across after sales support like it.”