16 September 2019

Gas Safety Week 2019 is one of the biggest events in the plumbing and gas calendars, raising awareness of the perils of poorly installed and maintained gas appliances in the UK.
The annual Gas Safety Week – running 16-22 September 2019 – encourages property owners, businesses and installers to promote best practice to assure gas appliances function as safely as possible.
Here at Alpha Heating Innovation, we fully support Gas Safety Week and are fervent endorsers of best practice throughout the year. If gas appliances, including cookers and boilers, are not maintained or installed correctly they can be hazardous to human health, causing an array of incidents including gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning and even explosions.
Therefore, in raising the profile of gas safety, events such as Gas Safety Week make significant differences where it matters most. As well as calling for best practices across the industry, Gas Safety Week also brings companies within the plumbing and heating community together to participate in a broader conversation on what can be improved and indeed what is being achieved by companies such as the likes of Alpha.
At Alpha, we have always supported qualified Gas Safe engineers, offering homeowners considerable warranties on our products when installed by appropriately qualified engineers. This helps to give them reassurance that their boiler has been installed competently while also offering long term peace of mind.
The adoption of best practise is an ongoing commitment and as with quality control, safety should never be underestimated. Alpha is proud to provide technical advice to installers as needed in addition to dedicated training courses run throughout the year to supplement their existing experience and education.
Statistics show one in 10 people do not have their gas appliances serviced regularly, which suggests homeowners are probably unaware of whether the appliances they use every day are safe or not. Installers are in the best position to fly the flag of best practise and advise homeowners on gas safety, however, that’s not to say the responsibility lays solely at their door. It is essential that manufacturers join the fight in educating end users as well. Events such as Gas Safety Week do well to inform homeowners on the importance of boiler servicing and using properly qualified engineers for any work on gas appliances.
All in all, Gas Safety Week is designed to help and benefit everyone, providing essential opportunities for a wider culture change to emerge. Building strong bridges between homeowners and installers, events such as these assure those working in the gas industry and the general population itself are better connected and informed on the methods they can take to assure gas safety.
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