Alpha Installs Boiler & FlowSmart Solution in Boutique Hotel

8 March 2011

Alpha Heating Innovation has teamed a system boiler with its FlowSmart solution at The Lazy Cow restaurant and hotel in Warwick, in order to best service both the heating and high hot water demands. The chosen combination has delivered the highest level of performance whilst working at the optimum levels of energy efficiency.

Due to the nature of the installation, it was important to ensure that heating and hot water services were available on demand. As such, Alpha supplied two of its FlowSmart 50 systems, each comprising a CD35C combi boiler, GasSaver top box and 50 litre thermal store, plus one CD28S system boiler.

FlowSmart was installed to meet the demanding hot water requirements of the establishment. The all-in-one system solution is designed to deliver a constant supply of hot water without the need to maintain a permanent store, making it a more energy efficient alternative to the traditional system boiler set-up with 200 litre cylinder.

Using the GasSaver and thermal store, FlowSmart increases the ability of the combination boiler to deliver a continuous supply of hot water, at the same time overcoming flow rate issues associated with combi boilers, particularly when more than one bathroom is used at a time – something which was of utmost importance to the hotel.

When there is a demand for hot water, the incoming main flows into the GasSaver, which uses heat reclaimed from boiler flue gases to preheat the water. This pre-heated water is then heated further by passing through the thermal store. By the time the water reaches the boiler, it is at a temperature that allows the workload of the boiler to be significantly reduced, which enables it to satisfy heavy hot water demands for long periods.

To complement the units, an additional CD28S system boiler was installed to assist with the provision of central heating.

Phil Neale, Managing Director of Halesowen Gas, commented, “The Lazy Cow project saw a complete overhaul of the existing boiler system which was not performing as efficiently as it should. We installed a combination of Alpha products to help deliver a system that would meet the high hot water demand from both the hotel and restaurant sides of the business in the most energy efficient way.

He continued, “From an installation perspective, Alpha boilers are especially easy to install and can be simply fitted in a range of locations depending on the boiler itself. Similarly, from a financial perspective, Alpha was able to offer the most cost competitive boiler package to service the needs of the building, something which was of particular importance due to the tight budget in place.