25 June 2013

The Cyclone Plus is a new stand-alone accessory offering the benefits of Alpha’s magnetic cyclone, previously only available with the PremierPack Plus wall-mounting jig.
The boiler-mounted cyclone filter uses both centrifugal and magnetic force to remove debris from the heating system and adds an additional year to the standard guarantee when fitted to any Alpha boiler. Cyclone Plus fits directly to the boiler connections and is therefore easy to install and unlike other leading filters sits neatly and discreetly under the boiler.
John Binney from Alpha said: “Filters have become an increasingly significant part of a healthy domestic heating system over the last few years and the Alpha cyclone device has always been a popular feature of our PremierPack Plus. We recognised that by offering this as a separate product we are offering installers and homeowners more flexibility and choice when it comes to improved efficiency and extending the standard guarantee of a new boiler.
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