19 March 2013

The ARES Tec range comprises nine boilers covering outputs from 200-900kW and incorporates self-contained modules to provide a greater transfer of heat. Each has its own down-firing pre-mix burner, fan, ignition and safety controls to assist in the changing demands of buildings such as hotels, leisure centres, apartment blocks, hospitals and nursing homes.
An integrated Boiler Cascade Manager spreads the load evenly between heat modules, optimising the ever-changing demands on the boiler, common within larger buildings, this helps to provide a rapid warm up time in response to multiple requests. As demand decreases, individual modules are switched off independently until demand falls low enough for the system to run on the minimum output of a single module, minimising wasteful boiler cycles. To ensure equal daily rotation and even running times, the boiler cascade manager alternates the ignition of the modules every 24 hours.
In addition, the ARES Tec boiler features a number of other benefits to ensure maximum energy efficiency; the heat exchangers include serpentine waterways to optimise heat transfer within the system, and a cast pin design that increases surface area to aid in boiler proficiency. Seamless installation is assisted by three flueing positions (rear or either side) and the ability to reverse the hydraulic and gas connections (200-350kW models) from right to left. Alpha offers a great range of pre-assembled accessory kits that complement the boiler to take the headache out of the installation process.
The control panel is hidden in a pneumatically controlled housing that helps prevent unwanted interference with settings. The principal E8 thermo controller incorporates a series of sensors that maintain the efficiency of the boiler and provide full diagnostic control of each module, it also controls the timings and individual circuit temperatures. An external sensor for weather compensation comes as standard to provide even more system efficiencies.
Justin Jearum, Commercial Product Engineer at Alpha Heating Innovation said: “Each building needs to be looked at on its own merits and understood to discover the most efficient way that heat can be distributed to the greatest effect. This is where Alpha’s advancement in heating technology and controls comes into its own. The ARES Tec is at the forefront of high output heating, complying with part L (b) (i), (ii), (iii) requirements and using microprocessor controls to modulate to the heat output required at any given moment. The correct choice of controls and resulting commissioning will save business owners considerable amounts on their energy bills in the face of part L.”
For more information, visit the ARES Tec product page.