3 February 2011

It’s good news for homeowners living in Scotland who are looking to replace an old boiler as a new Boiler Scrappage Scheme was launched on Tuesday 1st February 2011.

The new incentive will help the Scottish government in working towards reducing the country’s overall CO2 emissions. It is thought that 250,000 homes in Scotland currently have boilers in the lowest efficiency banding, which not only means higher gas bills, but it’s also bad news for the environment.

Replacing an old boiler with a new high efficiency model can save the average household over £310 a year on their energy bill. Not to mention the positive effect on CO2 emissions.

The scheme, with a total fund of up to £1m is available to all homeowners in Scotland. £400 will be offered towards the cost of installing a new high efficiency boiler in place of an old inefficient one.

To be eligible for the scheme homeowners must first obtain a quote for the boiler replacement and then apply for a voucher by telephone on 0800 512 012. The installation of the new boiler must be arranged before 25th March 2011. Once completed, the voucher and an invoice for the installation must be sent to the Energy Saving Trust in order to claim back the £400.