26 January 2016

Team Valley Trading Estate in Gateshead has chosen two of Alpha’s ARES Tec 900kW boilers as part of the refurbishment of one of its customer’s boiler rooms! 
The ARES Tec boilers are known for their exceptional energy efficiency, low emissions and ultra low operating noise levels. Not only this, but the ARES Tec 900kW is particularly powerful, with the ability to cope with high heating and hot water demands. Having 8 modules per boiler each module comes with its own down-firing pre-mix burner, fan, ignition and safety controls to keep energy bills low and work efficiently according to demand. 
For this project, two sets of the ARES Tec 900kW boilers along with safety kits and room sealed kits were used. The large modulation range and high efficiency give the user ultimate control for a comfortable working environment. Boilers in the ARES Tec range are also neatly compact, meaning they take up only a small footprint. 
For this particular customer, opting for Alpha’s room sealed kit was an important addition due to the boilers being fitted in a plant room, which already contained ventilation dependant air handling equipment, rather than a dedicated boiler room. The kit also allows employees to safely work in the same environment as the boilers, pulling air for combustion from outside, rather than taking in oxygen from the room itself. 
Wates was the principle contractor on site, with Yorkshire Building Services installing the boilers. Romec manages the facilities on site, so Alpha hosted on-site training to get its engineers up to speed and ensure ongoing maintenance goes smoothly. 
Calvin Campbell from Yorkshire Building Services commented on his decision to specify Alpha, saying, “We were familiar with the ARES Tec boilers as we had used them during previous projects. Knowing they could provide the power the customer required whilst also keeping energy bills at a minimum, we knew this would be the perfect solution.”
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