4 July 2018

An Alpha Heating Innovation combi boiler has recently been installed in newly renovated Galashiels Boxing Club, a converted church located in the Scottish Borders. Chosen for its quick response time, exceptional energy efficiency and value for money, the Alpha combi boiler provides the power required to heat such a large space.
Initially, when the boxing club opened in July 2014 there was no heating system in place, as the reformed church had been derelict for six years. Following a complete renovation of the site, an Alpha combination boiler was installed on the advice of Derek Sinclair, Branch Manager at the local Plumbase in Galashiels.
Russell Hamilton, Committee Member at Galashiels Boxing Club, helped to organise a charity walk to fund the new heating system. He commented: “The club is only in use a couple of nights a week so we needed a system that was very responsive and powerful enough to heat the large open space quickly. As a community run project we also needed a boiler that was cost effective. The Alpha boiler is a great value system and the warranty far exceeded the committee’s expectations.”
With its high turndown ratio of 8:1 the Alpha boiler offers exceptional energy efficiency. Smaller and lighter than previous models, Alpha boilers have exceptional reliability and are backed by a warranty of at least five years.
Derek Sinclair, the Plumbase Branch Manager who recommended the boiler, commented: “During my 13 years at Plumbase we have always sold Alpha boilers as they are good quality and hit a great price point. The customer service at Alpha is also great – especially the local service agent in our area who is always on hand to provide help and guidance.”
Brian Jones, Installer and Executive Committee Member at the club commented: “When we got the keys from the United Reform Church the building was still a fully working church. We had to strip everything out and start again and the whole project was on a very limited budget with the work being completed by a group of dedicated club members and volunteers. To now have a fully working heating system too, is fantastic. The Alpha boiler was really easy to install and has proved to be very reliable so far.”
With around 250 members, Galashiels Boxing Club is a proud community boxing club for both men and women to attend to improve their physical fitness.
Russell, who has since started working as a Technical Sales Manager for Alpha after many positive experiences with the company, praised the Galashiels branch of Plumbase for their help on the project and for supplying the boiler quickly and efficiently.