2 June 2021

Kevon Ritchie, owner of Glenrothes based President Boilers, was invited by a homeowner in Perth to provide a quote for a tricky job involving the replacement of an open vented heating system with a combi-based system. The customer’s key drivers for the change were to improve hot water delivery and significantly reduce her annual heating bill.
The incumbent boiler was situated in the loft of the 3-bedroom apartment, which is part of a 150-year-old period house. To avoid the disruption and additional cost of re-siting, it was crucial for the replacement to be compact enough to fit in to this confined area. As well as meeting this initial requirement, Kevon believed the E-Tec Plus combi boiler to be significantly lighter, an important factor bearing in mind it was to be manoeuvred through a loft hatch via a ladder and several flights of stairs.
On the issue of hot water delivery, Kevon explained that the E-Tec Plus 33, with a domestic hot water flow rate of 14.1 litres per minute, would provide a more than satisfactory performance. At the same time, she would see the desired energy savings by upgrading her old, inefficient boiler to the A-rated E-Tec Plus combi.
To top it all off, Kevon was able to offer a reassuring 11-year warranty. The boiler itself automatically comes with 10 years as standard, but he added the Cyclone Plus magnetic filter as part of the installation, which not only helps to protect the boiler from any debris in the system but increases the warranty by an additional year.
Having been in regular contact with her since the upgrade, Kevon can confirm his customer is “absolutely delighted” with her choice. He isn’t surprised. In terms of build quality and reliability, Kevon says Alpha’s E-Tec range of boilers is “bulletproof”. But he cites another key reason why President Boilers is delighted to continue recommending and installing Alpha boilers ahead of other brands: “The back-up, support and speed of response from Alpha before and after installation is second to none.”