29 March 2016

After a nurses’ residence in Manchester needed the ability to supply larger than average volumes of water, Maxfield Property Developments stepped in to provide the solution which is where Alpha’s innovation came in.
The solution was two of Alpha’s wall-hung FlowSmart system solutions. So why was this chosen for energy efficiency?
Well, usually, a combination boiler is the top choice high efficiency boiler. However, there are high hot water demands, to which a combination boiler is not ideal. Instead, the usual choice is a hot water storage cylinder. The result being, energy use increases.
So, why the FlowSmart?
This works by sending cold mains water to the GasSaver, which is pre-heated using reclaimed flue gases, before diverting it to the copper coil heat exchanger in the thermal store – to be further heated by the surrounding hot water from the primary system. A blending valve then brings the water down to an optimum temperature of 30ºC before it enters the boiler. This mechanism allows the boiler to satisfy heavy water demand for a sustained period of time, without any detrimental impact on the flow rate.
Maxfield Property Developments installed the two Alpha FlowSmart systems.  Jamie Maxfield, installer for Maxfield Property Developments, said, “These are a great alternative to an unvented cylinder system as the FlowSmart ensures the property can still maximise its energy efficiency, reducing bills whilst still meeting the high hot water demands.
From an installer’s point of view, opting for an Alpha FlowSmart has advantages beyond the reduced bills and efficiency. The systems themselves are easy to install and are also sleeker and more compact than previous models.”