7 May 2021

An Alpha E-Tec Plus combi boiler has been installed at a local youth and community organisation based in St. Ives, Cornwall.
Flashlight was set up in 2010 and is at the heart of its community, devoted to encouraging young adults and teenagers, often who have had issues at home or school, to craft their creative talents for art and music in a secure and friendly environment. Together with artist Sketch 86 they made history by designing and painting St. Ives’ first ever urban art piece, which brought the young people involved that little bit closer to participating in their local community.
Such a vibrant, welcoming centre warranted a replacement boiler that would ensure the building stayed as warm as the people and personalities that occupy its spaces. As the boiler was to be fitted in the canteen within the church – a typically cool building – it was crucial to select a company renowned for delivering top-of-the-class heating solutions.
Dave Peters, Project Events Manager for Flashlight, has a close relationship with local installer Gary Murphy, whose company has been fitting Alpha products for a number of years. When Dave contacted Gary, he had full confidence that utilising Alpha’s products and expertise for this project would deliver the best heating solution.
Speaking on Alpha’s boilers, Gary said: “I have been installing Alpha boilers since 2015. From their state-of-the-art products, to their incredible warranties, without question I would only ever fit Alpha. Their boilers are unparalleled.”
Gary predominantly chooses the E-Tec Plus boiler range which offers customers a reassuring 10-year warranty as standard, with options to increase it further to 13 years with the addition of the PremierPack Extra. As well as providing unbeatable peace of mind, this add-on incorporates a built-in Cyclone Plus magnetic filter to help protect the boiler during its lifetime.