24 May 2016

When the inefficient non-condensing heating system at Acomb Methodist Church, York was at the end of its life, Alpha’s ARES Tec was the perfect replacement. The 200KW capacity ARES Tec was chosen for its controllability and efficiency in meeting high heating and hot water demands.
Alpha’s Justin Jearum, Commercial Product Engineer, worked closely with the installer to ensure their new boiler, complete with safety kit and plate heat exchanger, was the ideal choice for this specific project’s needs.
The ARES Tec is great for coping with the high heating and hot water demands of a popular church with lots of visitors. The boiler range is well known for delivering exceptional energy efficiency, but the ultra low operating noise levels mean that church services can continue uninterrupted.
Due to the church having varying demands in different parts of the building, it was programmed into four zones. Each zone has its own setting and can be controlled according to its requirements.
The self-contained modules incorporated in the ARES Tec design provide a great transfer of heat. Each has its own down-firing pre-mix burner, fan, ignition and safety controls to assist in the changing demands of buildings with a number of different occupants.
To complement the boiler, the safety kit was installed to allow for adjustable high and low pressure switches, an additional overheat stat adding to the high level of safety. In case of pump failures or blockages, the flow switch will activate when lack of circulation is detected. These features give the church owners peace of mind that the boiler pressures are kept within specific tolerances.
Justin Jearum commented on the project, saying, “I attended a site meeting with both the installer and client to get a feel for the project and advise the suitability of a product for the building. When there are varying levels of heating and hot water demands, it’s really important the boiler is up to the challenge. With all the features of the ARES Tec range, from the self-contained modules to the safety kit, it seemed like the perfect solution.”