17 October 2017

When Helen Lawson’s old Alpha boiler had come to the end of its life, she knew she wanted to replace it with another Alpha so opted for the E-Tec combi boiler, which was installed by one of the company’s Regional Service Engineers, Rob Morris.
After he conducted a survey of Helen’s home, taking into account the number of bathrooms and occupants, Rob had an understanding of the hot water and heating requirements. It was clear that energy efficiency was a priority for the customer so the company’s E-Tec 28kW output was selected.
Delivering up to 12.1 litres of water per minute, this product is ideal for the property’s requirements. It features a brand new stainless-steel heat exchanger, which is highly resistant to corrosion and therefore protects the boiler, increasing its lifespan. In addition, the heat exchanger has wide waterways and a highly efficient Grundfos pump allowing for mains water to be heated up quickly for constant delivery of hot water.
With the installer in mind, the E-Tec combi is lightweight and straightforward to fit.
Rob Morris said: “We only launched the E-Tec earlier this year and already it has proven to be a popular choice amongst both homeowners and installers. It’s been designed to make maintenance a simple process as well, being accessible from the front to make servicing a quick and efficient job. For Helen’s home, this was the ideal choice to meet the efficiency and hot water requirements but its size is also a selling point for homeowners.”
The E-Tec is the smallest model within Alpha’s domestic combi range, which allows it to fit easily in a standard kitchen cupboard. It also comes with a backlit LCD display and push button controls so that operation is as straightforward as possible for the homeowner.
Helen Lawson added, “I was familiar with the reputation Alpha has for its energy efficient range boilers, having had one for a number of years already. When I realised it was time for an upgrade, I knew I wanted to replace it for something similar and asked Alpha for advice. Together we selected the E-Tec and I’m looking forward to seeing how it impacts my energy bills!”