Boilerman makes Alpha boiler his first choice

1 February 2019

Dorset installer picked Alpha boiler as first choice for bungalow requiring a compact boiler.

A bungalow in Dorset recently required a boiler that would be able to fit in an enclosed space, yet accommodate the heating and hot water requirements of the home. As a result, Boilerman Limited specified the Alpha E-Tec Plus 28 with PremierPack Extra and Weather Compensation Probe.

After the previous conventional boiler broke down, the bungalow required an energy efficient system that could fit in a small cupboard. Therefore, David Murley from Boilerman Limited recommended a combi boiler – deriving heat straight from the mains, combi boilers remove the need for a hot water cylinder or cold water storage tank, freeing up space in the property.

In addition, less pipework in the home makes it easier and cleaner to install. With hot water delivered at mains pressure, some users also get the added benefit of more powerful showers without the need for a separate pump.

David specified the E-Tec Plus 28 for the property. With a vertical flue, and dimensions of 712 x 440 x 268(mm) it was the ideal solution and fitted snuggly in the enclosed cupboard space. Furthermore, it required no side access, as components can be accessed at the front of the boiler.

David Murley commented, “Alpha boilers are always my first choice recommendation for my customers – they’re incredibly easy to install and come with excellent warranties as standard.
“To comply with Boiler Plus, we installed the Alpha Weather Probe, which adjusts the heating depending on the temperature outside – saving the homeowner energy and improving the efficiencies of the system. We also installed a wireless thermostat with automatic summer and winter time change to compliment the mechanical timer.

“The added addition of the PremierPack Extra was also extremely helpful when it came to installation, as it includes the Alpha Cyclone Plus magnetic filter. The powerful inline filter captures and retains magnetic debris from inside the system, which prevents it from blocking pipes in radiators or inside the boiler, maintaining the system’s efficiency and protecting it from damage. Together, this helped extend the warranty of the boiler by 3 years, an added bonus for myself and the homeowner. It’s a fantastic system.”

Specifically designed to fit Alpha’s E-Tec Plus and E-Tec S boilers, the PremierPack Extra wall-mounted jig has been designed to be fitted to the wall before the boiler, allowing the pipe work to be pre-fitted. Including the Alpha Cyclone Plus magnetic filter as standard, the pack increases the warranty of the boiler by three years and can be installed vertically upwards or downwards using the flow and return connections supplied on the jig.

The tenants are delighted with the new boiler. Homeowner, Mrs Foot said, “We used to have an old, free-standing boiler in the kitchen that took up a considerable amount of space. Since the installation of the new Alpha boiler, we’ve been able to fit more storage cupboards into that space for our use.

“We’re delighted with the performance of the boiler so far, which delivers hot water and good flow rates constantly.”