20 June 2012

Scott MacKenzie had originally been given details to fit a similar system by another manufacturer as the project needed to hit specific SAP targets, however after discussing the quality and benefits of Alpha’s products with builder, Crammond Select Homes, the decision was made to go with the InTec 40GS.
Built on an old church ground, the townhouses are constructed to the latest airtight standards, reaching Level 3 on the Code for Sustainable Homes and the inclusion of the GS boilers will see occupants saving up to 35% in gas usage to deliver domestic hot water. Sited in the lower level of the three storey townhouses the boilers can be controlled through Alpha’s Climatic modulating remote control. It features a multi-channel time and temperature programmer, integrated thermostat and BUS system, which transfers data between the boiler and the controller.
This specific control is classed as an Enhanced Load Compensator within the SAP calculations – providing additional benefits to the builder as it is capable of measuring and maintaining the temperature inside the building by modulating and limiting the boiler flow temperature in line with the measured room temperature.
Scott said of the installation: “I’ve been fitting the new InTec boilers for some time, but this is the first GS I’ve installed and, as with all Alpha’s products, the installation is as straightforward as possible. The uniform installation of their boilers is a key feature, and the new GS range – although slightly bigger – still fits neatly in most spaces.”
Brian McLaren, Technical Sales Manager at Alpha added: “This installation shows just how important it is for our installers to share their knowledge and experience with builders and contractors as, quite often, the given specification may not be the most optimum system for the project. By installing the InTec 40GS boilers along with our climatic control the installer has given the builder additional benefits in relation to the SAP calculation – which was key to the success of this build.”