28 May 2012

When Installer Graham Thompson was called to a house to replace the existing floor standing system, he drew on his knowledge and experience as an Alpha installer to recommend a more economical and practical wall-hung system.
By upgrading to an Alpha FlowSmart, Graham was able to offer the customer a more even water temperature thanks to the technology of the system, which uses a thermal store with a copper coil that extends to the full length of the store. FlowSmart then works by sending cold mains water to the Gas Saver, which heats the water using reclaimed flue gases before diverting it to the copper coil for further heating from the surrounding hot water.
A specialist blending valve then brings the water down to 30ºC before it enters the boiler. This mechanism for creating domestic hot water allows the boiler to satisfy heavy water demand for a sustained period of time, without any detrimental impact on the flow rate.
Graham said: “I’ve been fitting Alpha’s new InTec boilers for a few months and was considering putting a FlowSmart in my own house when this job came up. The FlowSmart suited the customer down to the ground as it met all the water needs for the property whilst still reducing bills, plus the latest model is sleek and more compact, so it takes up less space in the customer’s home.”