11 March 2019

A new residential building consisting of a mix of flats and penthouses in Leatherhead has recently been fitted with 16 Alpha Heating Innovation Evoke 28 combi boilers. Chosen for its combined internal condensate and pressure relief valve as well as its compact size, the company’s smallest combi boiler proved to be the ideal solution.
Previously a three-storey car park, the three-storey new build boasts 16 flats, with a mixture of affordable apartments and luxury penthouses.
Due to the nature of the building and residential space inside, Glenn Harper, Director at G A Harper Ltd knew it would be difficult and cumbersome to install a pressure relief valve to the boiler that would lead outside the properties. He also required a compact system, able to fit into the cupboard of each resident’s home.
After conducting research for products which contain internal pressure relief valves, Glenn specified 16 of Alpha’s Evoke 28 boilers.
Featuring a stainless-steel heat exchanger, the Evoke 28 is Alpha’s smallest combi boiler, delivering 14.1 litres of water per minute. This compact model contains a combined condensate and pressure relief valve connection – meaning there would be no need to connect one outside of the property.
Glenn says, “We’ve installed Alpha boilers before for other residential projects, and we found their products to be competitively priced, high quality and a pleasure to install. This was the case with this new build in Leatherhead, as well.
“We also installed this with the Cyclone Plus magnetic filter to protect the boiler from the risk of damage, and the Easystat Wireless Room Thermostat from Alpha as well, to ensure ease of use.”
The Cyclone Plus magnetic filter is a boiler mounted filter, designed to remove debris from the heating system using both magnetic and centrifugal force. This greatly reduces the risk of damage to the boiler and increases the boiler warranty by an additional year.