1 March 2018

Sussex-based Metro Plumbers recently completed a complex project in Eastbourne, where the Morris family were extending their home extensively. They chose the solar route for their upgraded energy system, and Metro Plumbers and Alpha were on hand to provide an innovative and cost-effective option.
The Morris family extended their three-bedroom bungalow into a five-bedroom property, with an extra bathroom. They originally wanted to switch to a complete, eco-friendly solar powered system, but proved costly. Instead, Alpha SolarSmart was suggested as an alternative, comprising a roof mounted solar panel, compact solar cylinder and an Alpha InTec34C combi boiler. This effective solution ended up being half the cost of a traditional solar thermal arrangement.
Unlike conventional solar thermal systems where the boiler is used alongside the solar panels to maintain a stored supply of hot water, SolarSmart doesn’t engage the boiler unless it needs to for to heat the storage cylinder. Only the collected solar energy is used to maintain the temperature of the stored water. When hot water is required by the user, the water from the cylinder runs through a valve. If above 60°C the water is sent directly to the tap. If not, it will go to the boiler to be heated further.
As the boiler is only used to heat pre-warmed water, the user will benefit from significant gas savings and lower CO2 emissions.
Jonathan Morris, the homeowner, said: “I had friends in Spain who were using solar power and I was amazed at how efficient it was, and obviously, better for the environment.”
After making the decision to switch to solar, Metro Plumbers recommended Alpha, and Jonathan was elated with the service he received, and was put at ease by the knowledgeable staff.
Sam Pilling from Metro Plumbers, who worked on the project, commented: “I’m a huge fan of Alpha and they are always perfect to offer to my customer base. They’re a good value product and streaks above other companies in their range. I will continue to aim to work exclusively with Alpha – and this is also because of their reliability and exceptional project support.”
Richard Geldard, Director of Customer Services and Relations at Alpha, stated: “We were highly impressed with this specific installation in the newly renovated home, as were Metro Plumbers’ customers. We were very proud to commission this project.”
Although the system has only been installed for a short time, Jonathan is pleased by the results. He commented: “It’s a very attractive system and fits nicely into the attic. We’ve had so much hot water and no problems at all. The guarantees that Alpha offers also adds peace of mind for me – overall, it’s been a completely worry-free experience.”