23 July 2018

The latest of three ProTec Plus boilers from Alpha Heating Innovation has been installed on the site of AFK Marketing Ltd, a garden furniture manufacturing business in Lincolnshire. Responsible for heating one of three onsite drying ovens, the ProTec Plus 70 proved the ideal model to provide a large enough output for the job.
Chris King, owner of AFK Marketing, has been producing wooden garden furniture including arbours, swing seats and planters, from the same location for more than thirty years, supplying products to over seven hundred retailers countrywide. Heating the three onsite drying ovens, to between 35 and 45 °C, is a key part of the manufacturing process, as all products are finished with water-based coatings for protection and longevity.
The new ProTec Plus 70 boiler is one of two responsible for heating a number of radiators in specially built dying ovens, measuring 40 feet. Fans within the ovens then ensure that the warm air is circulated for even heating and drying of the products throughout the space. There is also a third, older oven onsite that works by heating pipes as instead of radiators. Previously Chris had relied on an old-fashioned cast iron boiler to heat this original oven, but later had it replaced with his first ProTec Plus, increasing efficiency enormously.
Ian Paulger of Imperial Plumbing Ltd, Lincoln installed all three of the boilers at AFK, including the most recent ProTec Plus 70 model. Ian said, “The key to this installation was the need for a boiler that could produce a large enough output without having to resort to a model on the commercial scale. The ProTec Plus range was specifically designed for systems requiring a larger output and seemed the most appropriate choice. Efficiency was also an important factor, with the boilers and ovens in regular use, it was important for Chris to get the most out of his new system.”
Ian has been fitting Alpha boilers for over 25 years and praised their reliability and ease of installation, proudly asserting that he, along with most of his family and employees, has an Alpha boiler in his own home. He added: “Customers always ask me for quotes on a range of models from different brands, but when you look into it, other models are always dearer with shorter warranties. Alpha’s range of additional fixtures which can be attached to increase warranty length mean that their boilers are always my first choice as I can ensure they will be trouble free for a significant period of time. They practically sell themselves!”