28 May 2021

Alpha Heating Innovation’s Evoke combi boilers have been installed throughout an extensive housing development in Wolverhampton. The high-performing range was able to meet the varied needs of the properties and deliver efficient performance in a cost-effective, compact package.
When working across multiple properties simultaneously, installers need access to solutions they can fit efficiently and rely on to perform. Recently, boiler engineer, Lee Towler of LMT Plumbing and Heating found just that with Alpha’s compact Evoke 28 and 33 kW combi boilers, which he specified for all 29 properties at a new housing development in Wolverhampton.
Combining high-functioning performance with a comprehensive seven-year warranty, along with Alpha’s own Cyclone Plus filter which increased the warranty to 8 years; Lee found the Evoke boilers were the perfect choice to use across all properties. Additionally, the boilers would greatly benefit the occupants due to their high efficiency and low electrical consumption helping to limit energy usage and associated utility bills.
For Lee, the decision to specify the Alpha boilers was very straightforward. As well as being impressed by the technical capabilities of the products, he appreciated the economical price point of the Evoke range. Likewise, on account of its compact design, he found the models easy to install allowing work to progress quickly on-site, while the front access to parts for servicing alleviated future maintenance concerns.
Lee commented: “I was tasked by the contractor team to specify appropriate boilers for this development and quickly realised that the solutions from Alpha Heating Innovation were the obvious choice. In particular, the company’s Evoke range ticked all the relevant boxes with the added bonus of being available at a highly affordable rate and with an easy-to-understand installation process.
“The homes on this project were quite varied, but as the Evoke boiler is available in two different outputs we were able to fit a solution that was suitable for each home’s size. Additionally, the compact nature of the Evoke allowed us to install them inside kitchen cupboards where necessary. All in all, it’s helped us to save time, money and space, whilst still ensuring great performance.”
Despite his experience in the trade, this was the first time Lee had specified and installed Alpha boilers. As such, he was grateful to receive consistent and insightful guidance from the company’s team of expert technical engineers. With this assistance, Lee was able to handle the 29 installations efficiently.
He commented: “I’m really appreciative of the support that Alpha Heating Innovation’s technical team provided throughout this build. I was in frequent communication with Alpha engineers and even had a few site visits from the team where they were able to provide some advice in person. With this level of support, any challenges relating to the specification and installation process were easily overcome.”
Featuring a stainless-steel heat exchanger, high efficiency Grundfos pump and hydroblock assembly, as well as a Honeywell gas valve and PCB, the Evoke provides reliable, long-term performance, backed by an industry leading warranty. The boiler’s flow rate performance of 14.1 litres of water per minute makes the Evoke ideal for most homes, while its compact size benefits both the homeowner and installer in terms of siting and maintenance. To further enhance its ease-of-use, the range also features a backlit LCD with push button controls.