19 April 2018

The Hobson family in Rotherham recently had a new Alpha boiler installed in their home, following the success of its predecessor, which completed over 20 years of working at an exceptional standard. Paul’s Plumbing and Heating Services, based in South Yorkshire, fitted the company’s E-Tec and its selection was largely due to the customers’ confidence in the service they had already received over the years.
Roy Hobson, the homeowner, commented: “When choosing our new boiler, we decided that we couldn’t go wrong with another Alpha product having had such a good experience previously. We went with the E-Tec from advice from the installer in terms of matching the needs of our home, and it’s proved to be very efficient.”
The E-Tec is the newest product to be added to Alpha’s range of combination boilers. The E-Tec has many admirable features, as it has a stainless steel heat exchanger and an efficient Grundfos pump. It is also Alpha’s smallest boiler yet – its compact size makes it perfect for a kitchen cupboard. It is ideal for small and medium sized homes, but has the mighty ability to produce 14.1 litres of water per minute.
Paul McNamara, the installer of the project, commented: “I’ve only been recently introduced to Alpha, but the customers were adamant that they were going to stick with the brand when replacing their boiler. Having researched the company’s product range, I was very impressed – they also offer fantastic value for money. Taking into consideration my customers’ individual needs, I found that the E-Tec would be the best choice. Whilst installing I was pleased with the high quality of the E-Tec’s internal parts.”
Darran Smith, Technical Manager at Alpha, said: “We often extend the warranties of our boilers purely because we are confident in our products. It’s the biggest compliment that this home in Rotherham chose Alpha again for the years to come.”