19 May 2017

When the boilers at Lound Academy Trust infant school broke down, it was the ideal opportunity to overhaul the entire heating system and ensure the school’s needs would be better met. In response, Alpha Heating Innovation’s ARES Tec 200 boiler was installed – its modular set-up is perfectly suited to heating large areas and its compact design occupies less space, making access for maintenance and servicing much more straightforward.
Lound Infant School in Chapeltown, Sheffield is a 992 m2 single storey school housing over 170 children, so choosing an efficient heating system that would ably service the whole school, was key. The ARES Tec 200 is made up of gas burning modules that are interlinked within a single unit. As the energy demand increases, the burners ignite one-by-one until maximum output is reached – in this case 200Kw and four modules. As the heating requirement starts to decrease, the process is reversed, with the burners deactivating as necessary until the minimum output of 12Kw is achieved.
What’s more, the ARES Tec 200 continues to operate if one burner becomes faulty, as another one will simply ignite in its place.
In addition to its performance capabilities, the ARES Tec 200 is efficient from an energy saving perspective. The fact that the individual modules fire up only when required avoids excessive heat load at any one time, ultimately resulting in decreased burden on the system as a whole, as well as minimal energy wastage.
Commenting on the installation, Ian Wood at Signum Facilities Management, said: “The ARES Tec 200 is a boiler I would choose to work with, as in addition to its extensive heating capabilities it is conducive to fitting into confined spaces. There are three flue position options as well as reversible, left or right water and gas connections equating to greater flexibility when installing the boiler into an existing plant room, further helped by the compact nature of the boiler itself”.
Emma Bellamy, head teacher at Lound Infant School, said: “The installation of the Alpha ARES Tec 200 is a great solution for our school, being sensitive to our environmental objectives without taking away from the functionality of the heating system. Warmth is generated quickly and efficiently when required with the boiler constantly adapting to the desired level, which in turn removes concerns about heat wastage when the building is not in use. This is invaluable considering the large numbers of children that arrive and leave at similar times, and thus triggering extreme changes in heating demand throughout the day”.