Stevenage NHS Health Centre Fitted with Alpha Boiler

5 November 2018

Danestrete NHS Health Centre in Stevenage has recently been fitted with an Alpha Heating Innovation Ares Tec 200kW modular condensing boiler. Chosen for its reliability, built-in redundancy and efficiency, the self-modulating boiler proved to be the ideal solution for a public sector facility that cannot afford any down time.
Located in Southgate, Stevenage, the two storey building was previously heated by an old and inefficient system of four cascaded boilers. In need of repair, it was decided that the entire system should be replaced with a more reliable and efficient arrangement that would additionally help cut heating costs.
The Ares Tec 200kW was installed at the centre along with Alpha’s plate heat exchanger kit to protect the boiler from any possible sludge build up within the existing central heating system water. It also allowed the secondary side of the system to remain open-vented by utilising an existing feed and expansion cistern.
Additionally, an Alpha BM8 zone controller was installed, which measures room temperature and allows the user to program the system and access parameters and error codes remotely.
Originally, the tender stage proposal suggested the installation of three wall hung boilers; however, due to the discovery of asbestos at the location during the pre-contract survey it was necessary to minimise the number of drill holes needed for fixings, frame, flue and pipework. The freestanding Ares Tec system provided the ideal solution, meeting redundancy and efficiency requirements, in one simple unit with one flue as well as minimal on-site pipework alterations.
As a modular condensing boiler, the Alpha Ares Tec can continue to function on any number of modules if maintenance work is being carried out on others. The Ares Tec is also self-modulating to ensure optimal efficiency, only firing up when required and tailoring to that requirement, minimising wasteful boiler cycling which keeps energy waste to a minimum.
Ben Robinson of B-A-R Electrical & Mechanical Services specified and installed the system, he commented: “For all our public sector installations we must have a backup system. With its modular structure, the Ares Tec provides that back up and even has the ability to run at 50% if the main PCB should fail.”
Ben also recently installed two Alpha Ares Tec 150kW systems in his mobile boiler room, allowing him to provide quick and effective response to public sector customers that would otherwise have to close if their hot water and heating requirements were not met.
“The Ares Tec was again an obvious choice due to its built in redundancy, weight to output ratio and efficiency, whilst its biggest selling point is its modulation range (1:40). We needed to engineer a plant room that could fit any scenario and provide any system requirement. With the two 150kW units, the system can provide up to 300kW yet it is flexible enough to meet any requirement efficiently.”
With regards to Alpha, Ben commented, “It is of great importance that the product I specify can perform, has the right customer care and the right engineering support behind it and most importantly can support my reputation as a reliable tradesman.”
“From the point of view of the installer, we want support from the manufacturer. A handful of manufacturers have introduced technical salesmen to their team whilst others have lengthened their warranties – Alpha has both, so what’s not to like?”
Sam Davda, Capital Development Manager at Herts Community NHS Trust commented: “Our previous heating system at Danestrete Health Centre was constantly breaking down. With this new boiler, staff and patients now have a more reliable and fully functioning system in place.”