What better replacement for a heating system than the ARES Tec system?

9 March 2016

What better replacement for a heating system than the ARES Tec commercial system? 
When it came to replacing the system which was at the end of its life at Alpha’s HQ, the company didn’t think to look elsewhere. Subsequently, Alpha installed their own ARES Tec 200kw model complete with safety kit and plate heat exchanger.
A bit more about Alpha’s HQ…
• Based at Nepicar House in Wrotham Heath, Kent
• The house is a converted and modernised 18th Century Manor House
• Since converted to offices on a number of occasions
• Original part of the build is believed to be circa 1700
• The headcount for the building is 131 across just over 1,900 sqm
Justin Jearum of Alpha Heating Innovation said: “With the old system being 20 years old, it was extremely inefficient, particularly for such a large space where a variety of different needs needed to be met.  In addition, as the building’s owner, we needed to ensure that those that occupy the building, including our own employees, are provided with a comfortable working environment.”

So here’s a bit more about the ARES Tec boiler system installed…
• High efficiency boiler system
• Exceptional energy efficiency 
• Low emissions and ultra low operation noise levels
• Utilisation means no need for “backup” boiler thanks to a modular design
Stephen Burton, Managing Director of Antac Support Services, the installers of the system at Nepicar House said: “We have worked with Alpha for years and have always been impressed by the products they offer.  The ARES Tec is one great example and was ideal for this application thanks to its exceptional ability to cope with high heating and hot water demands of a multi-occupant building such as Nepicar House.”
Alongside the boiler, Alpha’s safety kit was installed.  The kit ensures that the boiler pressures are kept within specific tolerances, with the use of adjustable high and low pressures switches, an additional overheat stat adding to the high level of safety.  The kit also includes a flow switch – should there be a lack of circulation such as pump failure and / or blockage, this will be activated.
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